About Us

ALECOS OROUNTIOTIS & ASSOCIATES L.L.C is a respected limited liability company in Cyprus.

The firm had its origins in the 1980s and over the years, our law office has become one of the
better known Law Offices in Cyprus.

The head office of the firm is centrally located in Limassol with an extensive network of associates 
all over Cyprus. We are currently expanding our legal network internationally. Our staff and associates 
have the skill and experience to assist you with each and every legal and professional step.

We provide all legal services with absolute discretion and confidentiality. Our aim is to provide the
firms’ clientele high quality assistance for the most favorable outcome. Our professionalism and
experience are your guides.

Our Law Firm has the capacity to provide a full range of representation and counseling to our clients
and our legal team is sensitive to the particular nature of each case. Our Lawyers are experienced and
they listen carefully to our clients and their problems. We work as a team with our clients and our first
priority is to secure the client’s interests.

Our Philosophy

Our Law Firm’s philosophy is simple:

1. Our first and only priority is our client’s interests
2. We keep our clients fully informed at all times
3. We maintain absolute confidentiality and discretion

Our lawyers are committed to assist our clients expertly and in the least amount of time.

We rely upon

Professionalism- our associates are experts in their fields
Confidentiality- discretion and trust between our clients and us
Immediacy- we offer the quickest best solutions for the best interest of our clients in a friendly and professional environment
Long experience- which gives us knowledge and insights to individual judges and opposing lawyers

Our goal is to address your legal needs and provide you with the most favorable resolution.