ALECOS OROUNTIOTIS & ASSOCIATES L.L.C guides and advices individuals and businesses on a wide range of issues.We offer legal services in Family Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Wills, Inheritance and Succession, Employment Law, Real Estate ventures, Intellectual Property Law and Accident claims. Moreover, if you are a 
non-EU national we can assist and apply on your behalf for obtaining Cyprus permanent residence permit.

Our Lawyers in Cyprus have extensive negotiation, arbitration, pre-trial and court-room experience, enabling 
them to provide our clients with all necessary legal services.  


Family Law
Family Law is a core specialization at Alecos Orountiotis & Associates.
Our Family Law department has dealt with sensitive family-related matters
for several years. We represent clients before the Family Court and provide
efficient and compassionate counsel, for the best, long-term outcome for
them and their families.

The Firm specializes in:
- Adoption
- Divorce proceedings/ separation
- Parents and Children affairs
- Custody matters
- Claims for child support maintenance
- Parental responsibility
- Paternity
- Finance and Property matters /proceedings

Corporate and Commercial Law
The Lawyers of the Firm advise clients on matters from incorporation of a new company to corporate transactions and contracts. The focus of our Lawyers is to protect you and your business no matter its size.  We provide clients with practical, legal-commercial advice and cover a wide range of issues such as:
 - Company formation → Cyprus
                               → Belize, Panama, British Virgin Islands, Seychelles,                                      Bahamas
 - Entity registration as a charity
 - Capital Raising and Reduction
 - Business Reorganisation and Restructuring
 - Merger - Business sales and purchases
 - Shares acquisition and instrument of transfers
 - Shareholders Agreements
 - Loan Agreements
 - Commercial Agreements
 - Directors meetings and procedures
 - Shareholders meetings and procedures
 - Duties of Directors
 - Partnerships
 - Secretarial Services
 - Power of Attorneys
 - Trust Deeds

Nominee Services
Our legal team can provide the scale of nominee services. Nominee Services are used as a legal and legitimate way of securing the personal details of our clients with absolute confidentiality.
Services provided by us in this field include:
 - Nominee Shareholders
 - Nominee Directors
 - Nominee Secretary
 - Nominee Registered Office
 - Management and Control

Wills and Succession
The experienced and skilled staff of Alecos Orountiotis & Associates provides full assistance on drafting a will and can counsel in all matters regarding inheritance. We provide information to our clients on who is legally entitled to inherit a deceased person’s property according to Cyprus Law. We can also guide, advice and assist in the execution of wills, the administration of
a deceased assets and can assist with the transfer of property to the heirs. In general our services include:
 - Drafting and Advising on Wills and probate
 - Succession
 - Trusts
 - Gifts
 - Estate administration of deceased
 - Inheritance law
 - Legal advice on heir’s rights

The Firm’s Lawyers will expertly and ably counsel our clientele regarding their rights and obligations as employers and/or employees in their workplace.
Our team can also draft, provide advice and information to our clients on Employment areas such as:
 - Employment Contracts
 - Breach of employment contracts
 - Employment court litigation
 - Maternity issues
 - Dismissal

Real Estate
Alecos Orountiotis & Associates have been engaged in Real Estate issues for over two decades. We offer a full range of services and we cooperate with many well-known and trusted real estate agencies in Cyprus as well as with many of the biggest construction companies on the island. Our legal team provides high quality services in:
 - Sales Agreements
 - Property Sale and Purchase
 - Business Sale and Purchase
 - Landlord and Tenant
 - Tenancy Agreements
 - Leases
 - Estate Administration
 - Deeds and Transfers
 - Land Registry

Contracts and Agreements
Our Law Firm provides guidance and assistance on agreements and contracts, protecting your interests. We handle all aspects of contractual matters and we negotiate terms and conditions of contracts and agreements on behalf of our clients.

Intellectual Property
The Firms’ expertise extends to a wide variety of Intellectual Property issues. The protection of your IP Rights is essential and we can protect them to the maximum effect. Our Lawyers provide advice on a broad range of matters and we can assist you with any of the matters below:
 - Copyright
 - Trademarks registration
 - Business name registration
-  Patents registration
 - Legal advice on acquisition and protection of IP

Migration issues are very important to Alecos Orountiotis & Associates Law Firm. We handle your migration matters with genuine interest and as speedily as possible. Your migration case will be dealt with by a fully-qualified lawyer who will provide legal assistance for:
 - Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit → Category F
                                                     → Investors
 - Temporary Residence Permits          → Visitors
                                                     → Students
                                                     → Domestic Workers

Accident Claims
The specialist ‘Accident Claims’ team of the Firm is ready to fight for your rights. Our advice is based on experience and our priority is to achieve the best possible outcome for you. The Firm’s Lawyers and associates can assist you with and specialize in:
 - Personal injury claims
 - Accidents
 - Road Traffic Accidents
 - Motorcycle Accidents
 - Compensation
 - Negligence

Alecos Orountiotis & Associates L.L.C can ably represent your interests in trials and arbitrations in order to achieve the most favorable outcome for you. Our core litigation legal services include among others, Family Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Employment Law, Contract Law, Property Law, Inheritance Disputes and Deceased Property Administration.